Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Pubic Area Liposuction together with Lower abdomen Lipo

Procedure : Liposuction
Area : Pubic Region with revision of Lower abdomen
Clinic Name : ELIXIR DE VIE
Surgeon : Doctor Arthur Tjandra
Country : Indonesia/Medan
Month/Year of Procedure : January 2016

 During the operation


Check out the before on the left hand side (thick fat) and after (right hand side) O.O
 Left side very thick fat before liposuction, and right side only thin skin left!

Before Lipo - Left

After Lipo - Right   


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  5. Hi, i have email elixir de vie on the procedures to go thru before going for the lipo. But Jennifer Cotto has not replied to me yet since. May i know how do i go about for the blood test? Can i just walk in or needs Dr Arthur to refer me for the blood test?

    1. you have to do the blood test n obtain the results prior to booking a date for lipo.

    2. hi there, but how may i go for the blood test and where? do Dr arthur needs to book for me the blood examination or i do it myself at any clinic? Warmest regards.

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